Boom, I guess you good? I guess you love learning new things, experimenting new stuffs, finding new vibes and solace, trying new recipes, visiting new places, vibing with new cultures and adventuring out. These activities all sounds awesome when you do them in a company of friends or travel buddies. I love them too. But recently, I found new vibes, and that is trying all these activities solo. Yes, solo, by myself. There is this new kinda feeling of happiness and anxiety when you do things solo. You maximize the whole adventure. And this is a great investment to yourself as a person that you can ever take in your traveling life. Why Solo?

It gives your confidence a boost

There is something to be said of heading out into the world on your own without social safety net, so to speak. Forging a path in solitude and making your way through unknown terrains and this can-do wonders for self-confidence and personal authenticity.

It is more cost efficient

It doesn’t take a Maths genius to see that traveling alone is easier on your wallet. Being on your own means purchasing one set of tickets, single accommodation, meals and so on.

You will get better at putting yourself out there

When you travel solo, you will learn to push yourself in every situation, to meet new people, to try new things, and to see what you really love without the influence of others.

It helps in problem-solving and decision-making

Solo travel can help you channel your courage, especially during times of personal growth and change. It can help you clear your mind, and creating some-much needed space to mull over major life decisions.

You will get to know who you really are

Solos are life changing experiences which makes you discover what kind of person you really are and get to know more about your own personality and what you enjoy most.

It is more flexible

Well, the good thing about traveling solo is that you can travel anytime you want, to any place, you can cancel or reschedule your trips without inconveniencing others. It is purely a sole decision making.

Hey, these tips will hopefully help you decide on whether to give a solo-travel experience a shot. It is really worth it. I will choose the solos over and over. Step out alone and experience more of the unknown, meet new people, discover new skills and cultures solo.

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