I wish I had something…
Something is bothering me…
Something is not right….
Something must be done….

We all have that something. Something missing, something we need (or think we do), something that we must have, something that isn’t working, something we can not live or move without. We just don’t yearn for that something, we try our best to get it. We keep chasing that something until the time we feel like we have it all. (Which is never in most cases)

Fulfilment is the ultimate goal of life. Whatever we do, whatever we achieve, we do or achieve it in the hopes of getting fulfilment. That feeling of puropse, of importance. And yet most of us don’t know that in order for something to fill, it must be empty or shallow in the beginning. We keep chasing that something that’ll fill our hopes and desires, but we do not realize that we are already filled. Filled with our ego, filled with our self-righteousness, filled with our deep desires and needs. Yes, the desperate need for something actually fills a person. It fills them so much that when the “something” arrives, it has no place to stay. In simple words, we are filled with our current lives. Let me give you a real life scenario.

Say you have a full glass of water. And you wanted to add powdered milk (or whatever drink that can be mixed with water) to it. The first thing you have to do is choose your drink. If you want water, enjoy it (it’s a full glass after all), but if you want the milk, you have to spill some of the water in order to leave room for the milk. The more water you spill, the more milk you add. But again, you can’t spill all of the water out, for you will have only powder.

The milk is that something we all need. The water is the other things that have filled us (our old personalities, our life in general), we must let go of “something”s in our life in order to have this new “something” that we need. “You can’t climb two trees because you have two legs” is what the amharic proverb says (badly translated by me). Whatever it is you want, change, success, achievements, they all need a room to stay, so it is your duty to prepare that room. Otherwise those “somethings” won’t be there for long. Yes they might enter the glass (in context of the previous scenario) and they might be able to make room for themselves, but they might end up spilling what shouldn’t be spilled and removing what shouldn’t be removed. It is our responsibility to decide what (and how much) to remove, and we must have the necessary knowledge and maturity to decide what we should remove and what we should keep. I would like to finish with a quote I found in a book. (I don’t remember the book, I apologize)

We mist let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is planned for us.

6 thoughts on “Unsatisfied Lifestyle

  1. What if this ‘something’ should give you happiness but its draining you like the lust gets stronger and what If you ain’t patient enough or willing to let go, will this ‘something ‘kill part of you?

  2. Actually, it’s our life so we have to decide what to keep or what to remove from life to make it beautiful. Well written 💓🌹🤗

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