One Saturday, I was aimlessly scrolling through pinterest and come across a letter written to oneself. It was amazing and I read more of them. After reading them for a while and lots of thinking (since it’s been a while that i have been thinking about doing it), I decided I will write myself one that I am gonna read after 2 years on my birthday. I got a paper and a pen and started pouring myself out to the future me. I let it out,I had promised I won’t read it when I am done and will seal it immediatley. However being the eager person I am, I read what I wrote and found a lot of grammatical errors and lots of things that made me cringe . I felt like,

“Would actually a two year older and mature me enjoy reading this ‘cringy’ letter and consider it as something inspirational?”

And the answer was no, sadly.

So i burned it, I saw the real me poured out turning into ashes. I got another paper and pen and started writing and trying to make it ‘perfect’. I kept my first promise and yes I sealed it without reading it. Phew, mission successful.

It was after hours when the light went off and I was sitting at the dark by my own, I realized what I was doing back few hours ago. I was judging myself and my own thoughts. I felt bad honestly.

We often judge ourselves and our thoughts, right or wrong, perfect or not, pretty or not, acceptable or unacceptable,etcetera. Self- judgment will ruin your present moment, this wholesome moment, and make you feel low about yourself. We even judge others for judging another person, don’t we? But still we’re doing it. Judgment is a bit more than an opinion towards something, it is an instant conclusion. We all think we know what’s right but more than validation, wouldn’t actually connecting to our innerself is valuable? Wouldn’t actually aligning with our innerself important?

My aim after this rant is that, I want all of you to recognize that our thoughts are not always an accurate illustration of reality. It’s our nature to judge ourselves or others but don’t give these judgmental thoughts your attention and intrests. After all, We all are full of imperfect spectrums ourselves.

PS: The word ‘judgment’ in this context is refered as ‘criticizing’. It doesn’t refer anything liberal. Thanks for reading:)

4 thoughts on “The Act of Judging Oneself

  1. I’ve been friends with someone who had this opinion of me and it made them behave negatively towards me.later on upon sharing,it was too much and I myself was tired of this “friend” of mine,they turned their opinions into reality without even consulting,and we’ll the friendship ended..

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