Is it time for you to reset your mind? Sometimes, you just need a fresh start.

How do positive people react when they are faced with negative energy? What tactics can be used to delete the negative thoughts and clean the slate when someone has been releasing their constant fears, worries and ever painful words on those who do not deserve it?

At times, people are inclined to bare and even be the subject of another person’s painful words and hurting soul. It can be said that positive people attract positive situations however, sometimes positive people attract bucket fillers who want to absorb their energy while leaving a trail of negativity. This can become very harmful to our precious thoughts as well as our positive mental clarity. Listening to negative words spoken around and to us can cloud our judgements and may even force our thoughts in that same direction. Being around negative people is inevitable however what we choose to accept and what we choose to DELETE is our choice.

“You cannot expect to live a positive life if you hang with negative people.” 

~ Joel Osteen

Not everyone may support our decisions, as their life story will be different than ours. Staying positive can be a challenge – however, it is the most important principle in life when we are trying to create a harmonious and whole existence. To delete and reset is a very healthy way of dealing with people who may not support your calling and path. By deleting negative words from our mind and especially the negative words that others may speak to us and resetting our thoughts, we are more likely to make positive choices, remove burdens and strife and thrust ourselves into the destiny that is waiting for each and every one of us. When we delete negative words and negative self talk, we are able to honor the positive energy that will lead us to the healthy, happy and whole existence that is waiting for us.

  1. Keep a journal.

 Keep a journal to write out all of the negative thoughts or words that are spoken to or by you. At the end of the day go through the list and cross off as many as you can by replacing the words or thoughts with a positive truth or dream. By keeping a journal and tracking our thoughts we are able to recognize how and why we are thinking or receiving negative information.

2) DELETE what is not positive.

Although we may not always agree with other people, we can allow others to express themselves without agreeing with them. Transparency is the best form of honesty in any relationship – however, if the friend, colleague or family member does not agree with us and begins to condemn our thinking we have the choice not to accept. We do not need to verbalize this act. Yet, in our mind, we can begin to immediately dismiss the words we are hearing and replace them with our own positive self-aligning thoughts.

“Staying positive can be a challenge – however, it is the most important principle in life when we are trying to create a harmonious and whole existence.”


By empathizing with others, we are able to hear their troubles. Internalizing their beliefs, however, is not a recipe for positive mental clarity. Empathizing with others allows them to share their worries, is a natural instinct, and shows kindness through their troublesome journey. The problem becomes evident when the receptor of information begins to internalize those fears and worries as their own. To effectively listen without internalizing, offering positive words of love, trust, and kindness as advice will allow the speaker to keep their troubles as their own and give you the mental clarity that is needed to stay in your positive mindset.

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