Lol, am starting on a happy note. Hey forget about the title, it’s kinda chilled, right? Anyway, I never wanted it to be that serious or official while writing this. All I want is to be real. Let’s hope on. When did you last plant a tree? Mangroves to be specific. Have you ever considered this kind of tree species? Then if not, you are missing out.

Today I had a chance to plant them. Not one, not two, not three….but rather 23 of them. All these were made through by a special organization based in Mombasa, Kenya called Blue Earth Organization.  Their mission is simple, to regenerate nature and mitigate climate change. Honestly, I thank them for giving me an opportunity to experience what it feels like when planting mangroves.

Mangroves, yes the thing that is most remarkable about them is that they are halophytes. This means that they can tolerate salt and are able to live in areas where oceans and seas meet the land. These incredible trees live in tropical and subtropical areas across the Earth. This means free feet massage when planting them as you’ll be walking bare-footed. Sounds fun, right? To the uninitiated, mangroves might appear to be merely coastal cousins of inland forests, but these rich ecosystems support the planet and people in unique ways, from providing breeding grounds for fish to carbon storage, to protection against flooding.

Yet despite their importance, mangrove forests are under threat. Over a third have already disappeared. Much of that clearance is to reclaim land for agriculture, industrial development and infrastructure projects.

Mangrove is a unique tree that has attributes which make its protection a matter of great importance. Unfortunately, mangrove forests have shrunk significantly over the last four decades.

This is a disturbing fact as mangrove forests are essential to the protection of the environment. This is important for the ongoing survival of the human race as well as several different animal species. The good news is that people are becoming more aware of just how important the mangrove forests are.

I don’t want to write much because my experience is still loading. And forgive me of my sarcastical tone of writing plus those few grammatical errors. But in conclusion, I met a great team who became my new family, Winnie Cheche, Sumaiya Harunany, Joyce Koech, Fazeela Mubarak, Nadia, Mudu, and many more. And thank you all for contributing towards conserving the environment. I am looking forward to another fun themed environmental event.

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