Maybe in another life you and I will be born,
On the right time in the right place, when the stars perfectly align
Just for us.
When the sun and moon agree to place themselves against all odds,
Just so that we can meet again.

Maybe in another life
You’ll be born in a place where I’ll be destined to,
Just a few years behind.
And maybe I’ll be born right when you’re ready to receive your soulmate.

Maybe in another life,
We’ll get to meet each other on a day,
A day when the sun is shining at its brightest,
With the right amount of love in the air.

And maybe in another life,
We’ll give each other enough love to fight against all odds to be together and cherish each other.

Maybe in another life,
We’ll live upto a day where we feel it’s the right day to multiply our love and decide to make smaller versions of each other.
To fall in love with them,
Maybe more than we did with each other.
Share our love with them as much as we did with each other and show them the meaning of true love.

And maybe in another life,
We’ll live life upto it’s last days,
With nothing but love & a sweet romance,
With nothing but responsibility of each other’s breath.

And may that life be worth living and sacrificing this one for all we could have been.

I will seek you,
And keep seeking you,
In this life and the next,
And the next,
And the next,
Until the universe decides to give us to each other.

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