I just viewed a story post by @stevemisatih on Instagram the general topic being #ClimateEmergency, he writes that trees are increasingly being cut for billboards to be placed strategically for easier visibility, this, at the expense of the environment and the climate at large.

We are in a shifting world whereby priority is in how to get more revenue to build the nation. In rare occurrences do we find environmentalists voice being loud as compared to the of the politicians or people advocating for other “more important” issues. Let’s take the example of The President of Nation A going to give a speech at a university and along with the speech there is a planned tree planting day. The president planting a tree will be noted as a good thing that people should follow and he/she will be seen as one who is concerned about the environment. What next though after he has planted that tree?:, we tend to forget all about it. Well,nowadays tree planting by many is taken as a recreational activity,I presume with some reasons; when leaders go to certain events, a tree normally acts as a souvenir, maybe a crafted stone will be put up to show that so and so was here.

We want to live in a simple world, where machines do our work so our focus is on science, what about that young child who wants to play around with butterflies, will these insects land on the machines and live well. We do need to strike a balance and at the end settle on the more conservative choice. Is this conservative choice to stop putting up billboards?

“Climate change is real. It is happening right now, it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating.”

– Leonardo Di Caprio, Actor & Environmentalist

If you are not planting a tree, what are you doing to conserve this natural beauty. Disposing off waste in the right places and engaging in environment conservative ways also go a long way in maintaining a healthier space. This call for climate emergency should be picked by not just our leaders, but everyone.

And by the way, if you’re one of those people who need a coffee hit to get going, mornings may become grim. The effects of climate change on coffee are well-documented and coffee producers are already seeing reduced harvests, and more pests, because of it. Even if you’re caffeine-free you’re not in the clear – wine production may also be hit by climate change. And also, did you know that 2 in every 3 people worldwide live in regions of severe water scarcity? Even a small increase in global temperatures will destabilize the water cycle and could make water scarcity much worse. Climate change affects rainfall patterns, meaning both drought and flooding will be more common, and more intense. And although it’s hardly comparable with life-threatening floods, climate change may already be making you late for work.

Climate Change is real. Our ACTIONS are needed ASAP because it has been declared a crisis. Climate change won’t just impact forest, or coral reefs, or even people in far-off countries – it will affect all of us. From more extreme weather to increasing food prices, to recreation  and decreased opportunities to appreciate the natural world, people everywhere will feel the effects of climate change. Tackling climate change is fundamentally necessary to create a world where people and nature thrive. We are fortunate to live in a beautiful, diverse, nurturing, awe-inspiring planet. Our children, and all future generations, deserve the same.

Story by Tinashey.

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