I just felt like writing today, I woke up today and I was in a happy mood, a mood that I haven’t been in for a while. I didn’t know why really but I wanted to be at the same mood everyday I wake up and I told myself “I am going to do anything to keep me at this state, I am not going to stay at a bad place for something I have no control over”
It is these happy moments of sparks that mean a lot enough to make us step up for ourselves and tell ourselves something that we already know, i.e our happiness should never depend on someone else’s presence, that our world should not shatter once we loose something we didn’t expect to.

Today was somehow similar with them other days I have told myself “LET IT GO” and thought about list of things I would do to give myself the best but those other days I didn’t step up, I didn’t step up enough to do those things I deserved. Instead I would find myself right back where I was. But you know what made today so different, I took actions! I removed people that I no longer needed to keep from my socials, I deleted pictures that I no longer neeeded to keep, I deleted conversations that only did me nothing but left me hanging in the past and hey also worked out a little. So, don’t you think I am one step closer to making me happy?

Ohh and, it is perceived that there is a time limit for someone to move on from some incident. Like someone so close to you passes away, you are expected to be in a certain way for a certain given period of time and you can’t even cope with it your own way. Or say you breakup with someone, if it doesn’t take you years to move on from them, well guess what? They tell you that you never loved them in the first place. But f**k it, f**k that, f**k them. Do whatever the f**k it is that you need and believe in, it is not like they will be at the end of it to cheer you up if you did what they suggested so might as well just do you under your own terms!

Thank you for giving enough f**ks to sticking till the end!

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