Finally, February is out. March is in. New month, new day, new hour, new vibes and Mashallah. Days are rolling and soon the year will be over. But hey, as you get older, they say ‘change is inevitable’ becomes clearer than ever. Growth and maturity force you to face realities of life. As a child, the optimistic glasses we have for life, makes us blind for the real obstacles that may befall on us. So the first time reality, along with the challenges, paces down our speed, we hit the first brake of life.

The thing is, though, the brake is not a permanent reality that dictates our future. It’s one of the many transition periods we find along the way. If change is meant to happen, transition becomes inescapable. And behold, transition is a bumpy road. It never serves smooth paths. In life, patience becomes quite a virtue in transition periods of life. If our patience supersedes the heaviness of the challenge, that will be a key for the many of the coming events.

Change is inevitable. So is transition. Transition is tough, not impossible. The trick is not making huge decisions based on the current of transitional waves. The climax of life solely depends on the core realities when the calmness reaches its apex. This is one of the many things we embark on, in retrospect.

Anyway, I hope this month you’ll be able to transit into the person you have always wanted to be. Also wishing you all happiness, success, love, motivation and blessings. Happy March…..

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