I used to think I was an extrovert. People who knew me well laughed about that. Well, the things I did demanded high energy and constant interactions with people. Then I became the person I thought I was supposed to be to make my “things” happen.

 Now that I know I am an introvert, it seems more obvious why the activities I did were wearing me down, why I felt completely depleted and empty and why I felt low couple of times. I never took time to be alone, to refuel or make my heart happy. Instead, I kept pushing and growing and trying to prosper and shine. There was always more to be done, more to prove, bigger goals and high expectations. I guess many of us becomes the activities we do instead of choosing the activities that should become us.

I am an introvert, a shy and reticent person. I tend to be simple and calm, and this is our nature. Simplicity soothes my heart and makes me who I am. Simplicity reminds me that I don’t have to prove anything anymore. I am just enough, and this invites me to pay more attention on things that matters most in my life and let the rest go.

Simplicity also gives me the awareness to listen to what my soul wants so as to succeed and thrive. It gives me the permission to create boundaries and cut off unnecessary people in my life, sieving bad energy out. Also, it gives me more freedom to search for things and activities that becomes me, giving me more clarity, which results to less distractions, healthy living and good night of sleep. Simply, simplicity gives me the room to detach, attach, refuel, rekindle, learn, unlearn and become more me.

It wasn’t until I began simplifying my life and creating more time for solo-travels, long-writing sessions, quiet meditating time, that I realized I was an introvert. Yes, I love interacting with other people but also, I need them all to go away for a little while everyday too. By becoming the things, I was doing and acting like an extrovert for a really long time, I lost myself. I was and what I needed to succeed. I didn’t need a personality test to tell me that I was an introvert. I just need some humble time and breathing space alone to remember who I actually really was. All these, thanks to being simple. It is a dose that everyone should take.

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