(Last Episode, Season Finale)

“Oh hey, it’s you!”

“Hey. I didn’t know you work here.”

“Oh, I just started a bit ago. It’s been a while, by the way.”

“Yeah, it is.”

“Maybe we should hang out again sometimes. Or… some night. What do you say?”

“Thanks for the offer. But I think I’ll pass.”

“Oh? That’s unexpected. Already have someone?”

“Ahah, I won’t say it so exactly. Things are a bit odd between us. But yeah, there’s this girl I—really want to be with.”

“Aw, what happened? The way you say it sounds like things aren’t going well between you two.”

“She just been away these lately.”

So he said with a down smile, keeping the rest for himself.

He had been dreaming about her again. Ever since that night they slept cuddling together, he had been having more visions and fantasy of having her in his bed. The first time he started having them was after he kissed her hastily for the first time, and he ended up not hearing from her for days. After then, they talked, and started hanging out more regularly, and his dreams—or rather, thirst—slowly receded. But now they were back.

It was funny how they came back, almost like a late reaction. The night they cuddled together, he surprisingly able to behave himself without much difficulty. But it was a week or two afterward that she had to leave the town again. She said it was something about her sister, having a health condition, and a work she shared with the said sister. Ever since then, she had only been in town occasionally—but not long enough for them to have time hanging out together. They kept in touch through texts, and rarely phone calls, but those couldn’t satisfy him.

He missed her company. He missed her in his bed.

Just some days ago, he met one of the girls he used to had affair with. This one girl was rather laid back—the kind that liked occasional flings every now and then and wouldn’t mind hooking up with a player like him. She offered to hang out and possibly another one-night-stand like what they used to have in the past. But he just couldn’t accept it. He ever tried once—months ago, back when he was waiting for her to reach out to him again and they finally talked. It just didn’t work as well as it used to; not when now he only wanted one particular person.

It was kind of funny when he thought about it; how he used to be the more distant one in a relationship, in contrast of the one being needy. This behavior was most likely unhealthy. But other than that, he was pretty sure that it was his karma.

The rain was pouring outside, and he could only feel glad that he managed to go home from work before the drizzle turned into a downpour. Now he had showered, pretty much warm and comfortable in his apartment, listening to cold pitter-patter on his window. He used to think he liked the white noise of rain, but at the moment, he couldn’t be sure—as they sounded more melancholic rather than calming.

Checking his phone, he only faced empty inbox. And it made him sneer to himself, inwardly. How long would it take for him to fall asleep tonight? He wondered. With the sound of this melancholic rain, perhaps it would take an hour? Two? Would the rain already let up by then? At the worst case, like what had happened sometimes, he might going to need to do something to “relief himself” only so he could sleep again tonight…

But it would turn out to be unnecessary—for a reason he couldn’t have expected.

A message set his notification off.

“I’m here, in front of the door. Will you let me in?”

Somehow it never occurred to him that he would ever see her in front of his door—coming to his place not because he brought her there, but because she came to him out of her own will. For a moment, he could only gawk at the young woman in wet mantle, standing by his doorway with a meek smile.

“I didn’t expect the rain would get this hard,” she said. “I should’ve brought an umbrella before coming here.”

She really said she had intended to come to his place? Why hadn’t she told him anything about this? Did she come from out of town, or…

Faced by his confused stare, she went on. For once, her smile was goofy when she said, “We haven’t been hanging out for a while. So I thought I’d stop by while I’m in town. I had thought I would ask for a hug, but since I’m soaking—,”

He snapped out of daze, and hugged her anyway—received him a surprised yelp from her.

The rain sound outside now added with the sound of pouring shower in his bathroom. With this background noise, he reheated some hot cocoa she had bought on the way, busying himself in the kitchen while she supposedly warmed and cleaned herself in the shower.

As he stirred the sweet brown liquid in the pot with vacant gaze, he idly remembered that day they talked in the cafe. He was the one suggesting that place, because he had come there to drink coffee sometimes. But that time, she ordered hot chocolate, and out of whim, he canceled the coffee he ordered and changed it into a hot chocolate too. He also ordered two pastry for them, and over these treats, they had their talk after that one week of quiet…

Their first ever serious talk.

A thought came to him. He blinked at the hot cocoa—as if the drink suddenly became something new to him at the moment.

“Uhm… thanks for letting me borrow your clothes.”

He turned his sight upon hearing the soft steps entering the living area. His eyes went wide—only a fraction of second—before it replaced with a wide, goofy grin he couldn’t help.

“No problem,” he replied. “In fact, I think it looks good on you.” Oversized hoodie looked cute on her. Especially because it was his hoodie.

Like reading his mind, she reddened and pouted. “I’ll return it later… after I washed it.”

“So… I actually came here to tell you something.”

“Hm?” He snapped out of daze; he had been acting as if he was blowing on his hot cocoa, but in truth, he was admiring the look of his clothes on her. Either because of his down period this lately, or because he somehow never thought about this idea—but the sight of her wrapped in his clothes was more than distracting. “Oh, right. How’s your sister? You said she was sick or something.”

“Well… yeah. It was something with her hand—but it’s not too bad. So she told me to go back. Said she didn’t want to trouble me too much… I’ll still go to see her every a week or so, though. But… when I’m here, I’ll make sure we can have some time to meet regularly. Since…”

Only now he noticed that she appeared slightly flustered. Was it because the way he looked at her? Was it too obvious that he had been staring? Did it make her feel uncomfortable?

But she went on, “You see, I thought about it; since you’ve been spoiling me so much… and we’ve been hanging out so often… and I’ve been accepting so much from you as well…”

“… You’re not thinking about repaying me back for everything, are you? It’s not a debt. You did say you are going to take what’s given to you.”

She nodded. “I know. I said that, and I meant it. But what I wanted to say by coming here is… uh…” For some reason, her cheeks reddened again. She opened her mouth once, closed it again, and just grew redder and redder.

He raised a brow, and waited.

At last, without looking at him, she managed to mumble out few words:

“Can I… kiss… I mean… ask you… to kiss…”

He blinked once. Then twice. Then he put down his glass, as well as taking hers and put it away. Without hesitation, he grabbed her shoulders and kissed her down.

“You don’t even have to ask, you know.” He barely could hold himself from grinning ear to ear when he pulled back.

She was as red as tomato, yet somehow still pouting. “I mean… you promised to always ask, so it would be unfair if I don’t too…”

He started to laugh. All that happened—started from her showing up at his door, seeing her wearing his clothes, and asking a kiss from him—it brought him all the contrasting emotions of what he went through these last few weeks that he started to wonder if it was a dream.

She reached for his face even before his laughter died down. The look on her face was as serious as she could muster with that red tint on her cheeks. “Anyway, I’m not done yet. What I mean is… I want to say… I think I’m ready.”

“Ready?” Again, he raised a brow, getting ready to be floated up again.

She nodded. “Because… we’ve been spending time together for a while now. And you have always been there for me, and I have gotten used to receiving from you too… Because of that… I started to think that if it’s with you… I think… I can feel brave enough to try this relationship with you. More seriously.” A smile bloomed on her face; and it took him a bit to realize, that she was mirroring a smile that bloomed on his face. “I like you too.”

Those last words sent him high; this time, he kissed her until her back touched the couch.

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