Life is funny. It is full of struggles, lessons, successes, disappointments, happiness, sorrows, you name them. Sometimes we are destined to face pain and have everything blow up on our face. We all suffer from sickness, heartbreaks, death, failures and disappointments but what I have learned is that these situations don’t last, but tough people do. When things go wrong, they commit to having faith when there is no reason to actually do so.

Many times, I think of quitting especially when things are really not adding up in my life. But the only reason I am still here breathing, and doing what I am doing is because I decided not to quit. Life pushes us to the corner, and this is normal but then, here is why you shouldn’t give up on yourself.

Life isn’t a race

We quit on ourselves because we feel like life is a race against time. We feel like we have to achieve so much by a certain age or we are doomed as failures. Never should you quit because of someone else’s timeframe. Take your time and live through it.

You are so close to winning.

Nothing comes easily and it is the struggle that gives us the right to succeed and prosper. Personally, I have lost count on how many times I have come so close to winning at life and then quit right at the last moment. Believe in yourself and know that every downfall happens for a reason.

“Success is always close by, but we have to earn it.”

Overthinking everything

Quitting happens because we are overthinking everything that has transpired. If you give your mind enough time, it will find 1001 reasons why you should quit. Quitting is our brain’s default response since it is easier to quit than keep going. Remember, success comes from struggle and smart-work, not taking the easy path.

The end result is worth the pain

If what you are trying to achieve in life is not worth the pain, then that shouldn’t be your goal in the first place. Aim for targets that makes the pain worth it and light you up at the thought of winning.

There is always another chance

What causes us to quit is the limiting belief that opportunities for success and fulfilments are few. Remember, when one door closes another one opens, and what I have found difficult is that we never know when the next door is going to open again. Just keep on going, we never know what lies ahead.

The end result of quitting

Quitting always leaves us with regrets about what might have happened, and if we let the regrets stack up overtime then we start feeling unfulfilled. Force yourself to pursue success in life at all costs. So get comfortable, we ain’t relenting, we are never giving up.

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