Relationships are destined to fail these days. Couples fall in love, they do passionate things, and then they fall out of love. They may stay together or part ways, but they’ve fallen out of love either way. Those who part ways find another to go through the same cycle, and those who stay together either wait for another partner to take them, or stay in a poisonous or dormant relationship.

The options are not limited to these I mentioned, but the truest thing here is people never fail to find a person to fall in love with, and do the cycle all over again; even people who get broken and claim that they don’t want love anymore will eventually find one, because love is not what we want, or not want. It’s a need. Why do relationships fail? What went wrong? To keep it short, most don’t know that love comes at first, and it’s a choice whether to keep it. It doesn’t just stay there. It will wither away, unless it’s watered to grow firm roots. Love comes naturally; strong love, on the other hand, is handmade.

There are certain things lovers can do to keep the love they have to last longer than they could ever imagine. The first lesson is to know that commitment is what makes life good. People see commitment as a problem these days, as if it will drain the fun out of life and take away their freedom. That’s wrong. Ironically, commitment is a means to feel free. When one is committed to someone, life gets simpler. Wanting lots of women, lots of men, lots of ambitions, lots of lots of things is natural, but that will confuse a person. In the end, this person will worry if he knows not what he wants to get out of life.

Life will become purposeless for the person who stays away from commitment and live swaying around every want that comes to him, and if a person does not have something to live for… Commitment gives someone purpose, a sense of belongingness. When a person is dedicated to someone, the person’s life becomes simpler. When someone is dedicated to achieve a certain goal, life becomes simple, happy, and any sort of pain can be dealt with with much more ease. The first thing is precisely that: Embracing commitment. Then, after commitment has become a good friend, and not an enemy, there follows passion and activeness.

Passion is what makes commitment lively. People who fall in love have the passion at first, but it withers away, because there is no commitment to keep the passion alive. Passion and commitment profit a whole lot more when they’re working side by side. People fall in love, and do all the things in the world with that person, but then time starts to erode their passion, as time once eroded their childhood’s passion. That is where being active comes into play.

Being active with asking how the day went, with calling beautiful names, with saying it’s okay pain is here, with encouraging, with touching more often than not, with always avoiding arguments, even when you disagree (as arguments will leave both of you mad and feeling like you’ve lost, no matter who won the argument—discuss rather than argue). Activeness keeps passion alive. Couples who are not actively and intentionally making their partner feel home will not last, or will last poisonously. “Love each other, as I have loved you,” is the best saying to explain this. He, the Son, didn’t say, “Love before the passion dries;” he said, “Love each other.” It’s a statement that’s encouraging to be active about love. Love will not stay, if you don’t actively take care of it, and taking care of it is easy, because it’s rewarding…..

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